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Welcome to The Drunken Legion!

If you are already a guild member welcome to our website. Please feel free to browse and post on the forums. For those looking to apply to the guild please read this post, the guild charter, and if you think we aren't too crazy then fill in an application! Applications will be accepted both in game and on this website though both may be needed to get full permissions setup. If you do apply in game and on the website please make sure the website application has the same name as your in game one.

If you have any questions regarding The Drunken Legion feel free to contact an office in game or on this website. Our primary officers are WarWolverine and Ham.

About Us:
The Drunken Legion is a TERA Online guild based on the Celestial Hills RP Server in the North American cluster. This guild was founded to be a casual and friendly place for all while assisting in group content and experiencing all TERA has to offer. We are light on RP content as a guild and while we welcome roleplaying in any channel you wish it is not expected or required of our members.

Who We Want:
Everyone is welcome into the guild but a general level of maturity, courtesy, and respect is expected from all members. We are looking for mature players who understand the balance between real life and their gaming hobbies but still strive to work and have fun as an effective team. Most of our players can probably be described as "dedicated casuals" but will range from very casual players to everyday players deeply involved with the game. Most of all we want people who are looking for a great guild to call their own.
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